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Introduction I am a civil rights/human rights lawyer in Chicago who is representing one Guantánamo detainee pro bono, Saeed Bakhouche. My second client Abdul Hamid al-Ghizzawi was finally released in 2010. Having represented these two men for so many years and with no end in sight I shut down my civil rights practice to focus solely on getting my two clients out of Guantanamo, closing Guantanamo and bringing those responsible for and assisting with these particular war crimes to justice. This weblog will provide updates on developments concerning the plight of the detainees, the ongoing injustice of current U.S. detention policies in the "War on Terror" and efforts to hold accountable those men and women responsible for the war crimes. Much of 2008-2009 I lived in The Hague, Netherlands where I was a visiting professional at the International Criminal Court. As A result of that experience I hope to focus on the rights of victims before the International Court when my remaining client is eventually freed. I will not forget my duty to do all I can to bring the Bush and Obama administration war criminals to justice. I have updated my email address because the old one is apparently out of business.