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Location Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
Introduction My name is M Adrian Brassington. I'm a writer. I've included Stoney Creek in more than a handful of the creative projects I've brought to fruition (and even some I haven't.) I've lived in various cities in three countries on two continents. Several years ago, I returned to the town I grew up in after being away for almost a quarter-century. I'm a left-of-center dreamer who has strong opinions about everything I have an opinion on (I don't tend to open my mouth unless I feel I know what I'm talking about; the 'unqualified opinion', AKA 'talking for the sake of declaring oneself' is one of modern society's scourge-habits), whose belief system is grounded in community, responsibility and respect and runs contrary to the standard 'free-market, consumption-based, materialism-as-validation' precepts. I love my hometown and won't apologize for wanting it to be far better than it is...even if I'm perceived as being too strident, a snob and not willing to suffer fools gladly.