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Introduction This didn't start out as an infertility blog. I had my daughter, M, in 2005. Totally easy conception and pregnancy. We started trying for another child in August 2006, figuring we'd have no problems. And here's what happened: 10/06 -- BFP! 12/06 -- First ultrasound -- Twins! Unfortunately, one was already dead. 1/07 -- Other twin dead, D&C. 4/07 -- BFP! 6/07 -- Horrible cramps, ER visit, laparoscopic surgery to remove ectopic pregnancy and left fallopian tube. 10/07 -- Clomid cycle (just in case), BFN. 12/07 -- Enough of this trying crap. Bring on the IVF! 1/08 -- Add "poor ovarian reserve" to the mix! 2/08 -- Oh, and also, probable poor responder. Whoopie! 3/08 -- First IVF. Successful in every way except for actually getting me pregnant (plenty of eggs, plenty of blasts, but BFN). 5/08 -- FET cycle. Positive! If all goes well, we'll be having a baby in February 2009.