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Occupation House Cat. Professional Sleeper. Kitty Blogger.
Location The cozy blanket on the couch
Introduction I'm a tabby cat. My name comes from a Japanese noodle. I am the owner of my humans, it will never be the other way around.
Interests cat toys, treats, food, blogging, soft blankets, watching TV, grooming myself, sitting on my owner's lap, looking out the window, playing with my own tail, rolling in sunpuddles, belly rubs, calm music, and eating mommy's flowers
Favorite Movies Homeward Bound, Garfield, The Lion King, Milo and Otis, The Cat from Outerspace, and any movie that is cat related.
Favorite Music Calm, peaceful music.

If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?

I would probably sleep the whole time. I'm a cat, I sleep about 12-16 hours a day.