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Gender MALE
Industry Government
Introduction I like money and woman which don't usually mix. I like to go to the beach and it's funny because there usually aren't that many people there which is wierd because everyone claims to love to go to the beach. I like to go to different places and live there for extended periods of time. I saw Fight Club one to many times and decided to hit bottom. Didn't quite make it, although I do know that for me when it comes to food, cigerettes and mountain dew. The order is Cigerettes, Mountain Dew, then food. I wouldn't eat for 5 days at a time but stayed alive no problem due to the massive amount of calories I guess in the soda. Didn't feel that hungry either was a really wierd time.
Interests Being financially independant and woman :) and opening a couple of businesses. Probably need to find some people who like to make money in a year or 2.
Favorite Movies Braveheart, Fight Club
Favorite Music Metallica, Eminem
Favorite Books Steven King's Dark Tower Series and was it a long wait for the last one. I kind of consider myself a Gunslinger and am trying to acheive level one in Life like the Gunslinger did in the dessert.