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Industry Student
Occupation pct/cna - oncology dept
Location midwest city, oklahoma, United States
Introduction engaged. mother of two bratty girls. lives in a tiny house. works with cancer patients. has a yorkie poo. drives a jeep. enrolling in nursing school. wants to take glass blowing classes. funny. wears heart on sleeve. optimist.
Interests these things make me happy... watching craig spin, writing, talking, snuggling, and laughing all night, the moon, funky socks, the way the lilacs in my yard smell, bismuth, hot tea with cream and sugar, old friends, cherry flavored stuff, funny hats, astrology, sleeping in, memory lane, metaphysics, storm chasing with jeni, boys that wear great cologne coffeeshops, peytons enunciation, the meaning of dreams, eyeliner, when things turn patina green, lake days, jammie bottoms, movie nights with bottles of red wine, photoshop, zoë’s clumsy, budding sense of humor, new socks, people watching, black and white stuff, cheese, literature, my dog, 501’s, the way old paint looks when it peels and flakes, that warm fuzzy feeling, lip gloss, beat writers, art, piercings and tattoos, psychology, the way craig always holds my hand, picture frames, color energies, verbal megalomania, thunderstorms, bad jokes, expensive chocolate, acoustic guitar, fire, little kisses on my neck, making people laugh, vegetables, freshly washed and dried bed sheets, warm showers, hot kisses, smiling eyes, endorphin rushes, jumping in puddles, tshirts, random acts of kindness, smozyness, dictionary and thesaurus wars with craig, finding my keys, nutella on bananas, comfortable silence, magic, inside jokes, hedonism, original thought, smart conversations, tacky things, phobias, bantering with craig, quilts and afaghans, smelly candles, gas station hot dogs, a great book, chocolate covered espresso beans, stars, when girly happiness makes you twirl.
Favorite Movies Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. High Fidelity, Chocolat', Urban Cowboy, Pay it Forward, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Hope Floats, harold and maude, Practical Magic, Breakfast Club, Just one of the Guys, The Abyss, Armageddon, Drugstore Cowboy, The Gift, Dirty Dancing, ps, i love you, Saw, Forrest Gump, Grease I and II, Shawshank Redemption, Slingblade, The Cube, Empire Records, Mr Hollands Opus, The Mask(cher, not jim carrey), Dragonfly, The Game, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest, little miss sunshine, Risky Business, eagle vs shark, Paper Hearts, Away We Go.
Favorite Music alanis morrisette, amos lee, ani difranco, atari teenage riot, b-52’s, bt, bad religion, bauhaus, beastie boys, beatles, beautiful confusion, benny benassi, berlin, billy idol, bjork, black flag, blondie, bloodhound gang, blue oyster cult, book of love, cabaret voltaire, cake, carly simon, chemical brothers, cheyenne, circle jerks, clash, cocteau twins, concrete blonde, cramps, cranberries, creatures, cure, culture club, daft punk, dead can dance, dead kennedys, depeche mode, devo, digital underground, dinosaur jr, dio, doors, echo and the bunnymen, emf, enya, everything but the girl, fionna apple, 2manyDj’s, flaming lips, franz Ferdinand, front 242, fugazi, funky chakra, future sound of London, gorillaz, hives, hole, India arie, janes addiction, Janis Joplin, jewel, jimi hendrics, ima robot, joy division, kmfdm, kid rock, my life with the thrill kill cult, last poets, Lauren hill, killers, le castlevania, lenny kravitz, love and rockets, lords of acid, macy gray, marvin gaye, matson jones, mazzy star, men without hats, men at work, misfits, moby, modest mouse, muse, neil damond, new order, nofx, omd, orbital, prince, revolting cocks, poe, pixies, pj Harvey, prodigy, psychedelic furs, q-tip, rem, rabbit in the moon, ramones, rancid, red hot chili peppers, royksopp, scissor sisters, sex pistols, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, smiths, sneaker pimps, stone temple pilots, strokes, student film, sublime, subhumans, the doors, they might be giants, thompson twins, tori amos, tramps, u.n.k.l.e., u2, ub40, underworld, vicious pink, violent femmes, ween, yeah yeah yeah’s, ziggy Marley, zorbatron… a few soundtracks, lots of obscure stuff, and quite a few unnameable juke box tunes.
Favorite Books the white pages. lots of forensic science suspence, porn, all Patricia Cornwell, postsecret series, this quirky book called "not quite what i was expecting", the dictionary. some Steven King and Dean Koontz, Anne Rice...

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