Mathew Ballard

About me

Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Graphic Designer/Photographer/Writer
Location Kentucky, United States
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Interests Videogames, Music, Photography, Writing and reading poetry, Reading, Creating Art, Anime, Sports, Grave Yards, Any Haunted Place, And of course the love of my life Janet
Favorite Movies Most Recent Favorites: 300, Cars, Happy Feet, Spider Man 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 --- Nightmare On Elm Street movies, The Ring, The Grudge, Lion King, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Star Wars, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Mask, The Cable Guy, Ice Age, Wizard of Oz, A Bugs Life, Monster's Inc., Ghost In the Shell, Spider Man Movies, Charlotte's Web, Speed, Alladin, Saving Private Ryan, Bride of Chucky, Space Jam, Mars Attack, Twister, Independence Day, Indian In the Cupboard, Apollo 13, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Demolition Man, The Glass House, Remember the Titans, Gladiator, The Matrix, Full Metal Alchemist: Conquerer of Shamballa, Beavis and Butthead Do America, Batman, Batman Forever, Bruce Almighty, 28 Days Later, Chicago, Constantine, Hellraiser, Jurassic Park Movies, Hoosiers, Planet of the Apes, Resident Evil Apocalypse, Saw, Shrek, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Spaceballs, Starsky and Hutch, The Village, X-Men Movies
Favorite Music Top 10 (in no particular order): AFI, Atreyu, Breaking Benjamin, Evanesence, Disturbed, Korn, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, T.A.T.U., She Wants Revenge, Matchbook Romance. --- Other bands: Nine Inch Nails, Riothead, Blaqk Audio, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, Beneath The Sky, Best Selling Authors, Collide, Blinded Black, Zer01Zer0, Saves The Day, Three Days Grace, Lil Jon, and so much more.
Favorite Books Dark Tower series, Harry Potter series, Angels and Demons, Manga

How long will it be before this country falls to pieces?