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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation story teller/Accordion student/professional color namer
Location El Paso/Cleveland, TX/OH, United States
Introduction You, apple, are the object of my praise. I want to fill my mouth with your name. I want to eat you whole. You are always fresh, like nothing and nobody. You have always just fallen from Paradise: dawn’s rosy cheek full and perfect! Compared to you the fruits of the earth are so awkward: bunchy grapes, muted mangos, bony plums, and submerged figs. You are pure balm, fragrant bread, the cheese of all that flowers. When we bite into your round innocence we too regress for a moment to the state of the newborn: there’s still some apple in us all. I want total abundance, your family multiplied. I want a city, a republic, a Mississippi River of apples, and I want to see gathered on its banks the world’s entire population united and reunited in the simplest act we know: I want us to bite into an apple. ~ Pablo Neruda
Interests Film making, social justice, minority rights, biking, writing, God, painting, music and life
Favorite Books Love in the Time of Cholera, Jane Erye, My Antonia, The Little Prince

If you were a wrestler, what would be your finishing move?

A sloppy kiss on the sweaty head of my foe.