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Introduction Welcome to The Body Beautiful by Allegra! The road to self-improvement on which many of us find ourselves can be a long and winding one. At times we may find ourselves on a confusing path with seemingly little to no guidance at all. We all aspire to be better, we all want to be healthier and most important, we all want to be genuinely happy. As a woman and Fitness Professional who has a strong passion for healthy living, I am even more passionate about connecting the Mind, Body, and Spirit and creating strong linkages between the three. I have found a way to connect all three entities into a program called, “The Body Beautiful by Allegra”. Focusing on creating positive, realistic, and healthy body images, by creating strong linkages between the mind, body and spirit to help create a “whole” person, the program encourages self-love and increases self-esteem. Through a series of interactive workshops, participants learn to discover who they really are based on one’s own purpose of being and not society or media based standards. We are ALL beautiful and it’s time that we accept ourselves and celebrate our BEAUTY and uniqueness! Website: