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Gender MALE
Industry Fashion
Occupation Ambassador to Goodwill
Location Blairsville, PA, United States
Introduction I am a handsome 12 year-old Meezer who was born right beside my mom's bed one night. Now I sleep on the other half of her bed every night! *giggles* I used to be a pretty feisty rambunctious cat who was always getting in trouble. Naturally I've slowed down tremendously and enjoy retirement with my mom waiting on me hand and foot. I'm an indoor cat except when mom puts me in the stroller and shows me off to the public. We often travel to dogsit Aunt Linda's poodle while they go away and I'll tell you all about that in a later post. My greatest joy is my mom, of course, but also all my friends that I've made on the internet. I'll tell you all about them! I'll let you judge what you think of me and see if we agree!! Oh, the gorgeous kity beside me in my picture is the love of my life, Athena!!!
Interests food, relaxation, pipecleaners, strolling, climbing, talking, movies, friends
Favorite Movies Aristocats, Homeward Bound, Garfield
Favorite Music Country, Easy Listening, Meditative, Oldies, hymns
Favorite Books Narnia, The Ghati Trilogy, yoga