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Introduction Summer, 1967. Martin Luther King, Jr., had his people call my people and I soon found myself an arm's length away from the great man in the basement of Ebenezer Baptist Church. TV crews groused that I was standing too close to Dr. King, and they weren't about to be upstaged by an 18-year-old radio guy in checked sports coat and narrow tie with a plastic mic and cheap recorder. Hands reached out, elbows jabbed, a well-known network correspondent kicked me in the shins, and I got the rest of the press conference from the outer edge of the pack. Every sound in the room was louder than Dr. King's voice. My boss was not pleased. I've been a few places since then--have lived in 59 places, all in the south; worked in radio in GA, FL, LA & TX; TV in FL & LA. I've covered big stories, been on some networks, sold some stories, stayed married, raised 3 children, made some money, lost some money, was homeless for a while in Louisiana. It would be a shame to have lived such a life and not share the lessons learned and laughs inspired, hence the blog.