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Gender MALE
Industry Chemicals
Occupation Former QC Chemist
Location Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
Introduction I'm in my mid twenties, currently underemployed, and work as a tutor in Organic Chemistry. I've started a PF blog, partially as a means of getting myself more organized financially, partially because I'm starting to really like money and finance information, and potentially to make a buck or two in side income. My focus is likely to be more on the nerdy, wonkish side of the financial equation, as I tend to be a nerd myself. I'm unlikely to get too deep into the math and statistics behind most financial advice, although I certainly intend to work on following some of the claims made by others regarding this market. As for my blog's name, I came up with it while pondering a good idea for a PF blog. I figured it would give me a pretty good comeback if anyone questioned my advice: Q: Why should I take the advice of an AMATEUR financier? A: It's not like I could do any worse than the professionals...
Interests Finances, investing, biochemistry, reading, talking to my girlfriend

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