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Location Cincinnati, OH
Introduction I am the Queen of awkward situations, drunken shenanigans, public embarrassment, and dating assholes. The good news for you is that I am also willing to blog about it! "Self deprecating humor" is my middle name. (not wouldn't fit on the birth certificate so my parents just settled for something lame)
Interests Drinking champagne/wine/vodka/jello shots...I don't have a problem...yet. Dominating Trivia & Photo Hunt, shopping and finding great deals, terrible reality TV (watching the Trainwrecks on MTV and VH1 makes me feel so good about myself), 80s movies, 90's music, daydrinking, celebrating all holidays (arbor day anyone?), pilates, playing soccer, running, dancing like a fool around my house with my dog, travelling, theme parties, wearing costumes, flirting, and be awesome...totally friggin awesome!

What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?

Duct tape, obviously. If you had a roll of duct tape, you could survive even if the sculpture collapses on your or transports you to a desert island. I am convinced that the people on Lost would have all gotten off the island a whole lot faster if they had more duct tape.