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Introduction Hey I'm Olivia, but you probably call me Liv. I sing & I'm just happy in general. You probably know me as the girl who is always playing with someones hair. If we're really good friends, you know me as the oprah singer. Either way, I'm a chatterbox. No, really. In fifth grade my teacher bought me a chatty cathy doll because she thought i was just like her. I'm the girl who wishes the good moments were always captured with kodak. I'm the hopeless romantic. I'm crazy, stupid, smart, whatever. Just read my blog. We will probably become best friends.
Interests Singing, acting, writing, drawing, playing piano, playing guitar, music in general, pretty much all theater, church.
Favorite Movies THE PRINCESS BRIDE<3
Favorite Books The Shack

Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?

Why is it that in a world with over 3 billion people, we can't even find ONE descent guy?