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Gender Female
Industry Consulting
Occupation Oneness Facilitator/Spiritual Counsellorr
Location Austin, Texas, United States
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Introduction I am a lover of squirrels and a lover of what is. I have practiced massage, Reiki, and crystal healing for many years. In '99 I became a minister in the Alliance of Divine Love because I wanted to help end suffering on our planet. Then in '06 I went to the Oneness University in Southern India. There I received an initiation and experienced an awakening. When I returned home I watched the falling away of old patterns and identities. I discovered the work of Byron Katie and found out that we only suffer when we argue with what is. I fell in love with her process of inquiry. A few years later, I found the Great Freedom teachings of Candice O'Denver~ her message being "to rest in short moments until they become continuous". Finally, I was privileged to meet my present teacher, Sri Mooji. His process of inquiry is direct and instantaneous. Now I spend my time feeding and loving little squirrels and facilitating awakening through inquiry. Please visit my website NewParadigmCounseling.net.
Interests Touching people's hearts, feeding and loving little squirrels, reading books on nonduality, walking on the trail and being in nature
Favorite Movies The Razor's Edge (the newer version with Bill Murray), Lars and the Real Girl, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Enlightenment Guaranteed, Girl in the Cafe
Favorite Music Deva Primal and Miten, Bill Miller, Kimmie Rhodes, Mindy Smith, Joan Osborne, KrishnaDas
Favorite Books The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Potter, Losing the Moon by Byron Katie, A Thousand Names for Joy by Byron Katie

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