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Gender Female
Location St. Louis, MO, United States
Introduction This blog started off as a convenient means to store and display photos for the Fashion for Japan fundraiser I spearheaded, in light of the earthquake that devastated Japan in 2011. With all the support from each an every one of you guys, I have decided to continue making blogposts that are hopefully helpful to many of you. I consider myself a makeup artist, a skincare expert for my own skin, and a fashion enthusiast, and I can't wait to share with each other our knowledge on beauty and fashion. I hope to seek helpful tips and recommendations from you guys so we can all better our hectic, multi-tasking lives by making glamorous easy for all of us to be. Instagram s/n: alimei16
Interests Remember... Personal style is the manner in which you navigate your one remarkable voyage. That blouse or lipstick you wore one day in the past brought you a certain memory, whether it was a happy moment or when you came down with the blues. Whatever experience you may have attached that blouse or lipstick to, treasure that memory and, of course, treasure your personal style. It is yours to keep, and it is yours to fulfill.