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Location Haverhill, MA, United States
Introduction Hello and welcome! My name is Elyse and I am a recent college graduate. Although I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology I was never 100% convinced that Psychology was the correct path for me to travel down. Being Italian, I have always had a natural love of food and pastry but never believed I could facilitate a career out of that love. However, I decided that it would be better to take a risk and explore a career in the culinary world. Using my creative ability I was determined to begin a specialty cake business - and Slipper City Cakes was born! Now with the cake business beginning to blossom, my goal is to not only become a successful cake decorator (and someday make a cake for both Aerosmith and Adam Sandler :P), but to share my own recipes and dining experiences. With that in mind, this blog will explore not only the confectionary world, but the world of travel and cuisine since I am always up for trying new cultural dishes. I hope you enjoy!
Interests Baking, Traveling, Music, and Dance... as well as teaching dance!