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Introduction "If I had to describe myself I would simply say I am a Creator. I was born in a small rural town in Georgia, where I was raised by my maternal and paternal great-grandmothers who taught me the meaning of love, and the power of prayer. Their life-lessons prepared me to embrace the vision I would eventually hold of myself. My mentor into professional film making, or more specifically, making movies, was none other than GORDON PARKS. His kindness and generosity made my entrance into the world of cinema feel like it was the place where I belonged. From the moment my feet first landed on a movie set, I knew I was home. In my role as script supervisor, and assistant director, I learned everything about the logistics of motion picture production. It was at WABC-TV in NYC that I developed my skills in broadcast journalism. I have been blessed with a wide spectrum of experiences in various aspects of the Media Arts, including motion picture production, broadcast journalism, and independent film-making, that have allowed me to be able to continue the journey into the New Media digital era."