About me

Occupation Creator of cool words & things
Location Iowa, United States
Introduction I love things. I love watching things grow. I love the rain. I love the sunshine. I love cupcakes. I love classic. I love unique. I love vintage. I love laughter. I love everything that sparkles. I love the definition of timeless. I enjoy perfect moments and I love capturing them. I am a professional out in the little world I live in. I am a mother, wife, animal lover and smile maker. I take photos because my heart says that I never want to forget this and other people should see it too.
Interests Writing, poetry, eating raw food, vegan recipes, natural health, glitter, army moms, Iraq, war talk, baking, sparlkes, cupcakes, buttercream frosting, chocolate, sprinkles, anyting cupcake, bitching, whining, complaining, cats, dogs and lots of books.