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Occupation Chicken De-Boner
Location Northern California
Introduction Intolerant of most people; love animals; sarcastic, petty, loyal, blunt, find most things funny if not sad
Interests Knitting, movies, reading, baking, sharp objects
Favorite Movies Thriller anything Hitchcock, Romance/Slice-0'Life Love Actually, Walking and Talking, Horror anything with blood and a large body count, Comedy Anything by Christopher Guest, Bad Santa
Favorite Music Big band, elevator music, any song that doesn't include the words "booty" or "phat"
Favorite Books Authors include Kellerman, Berg, Sedaris, Queenan, Books include Geek Love, Middlesex, anything trashy

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

Making sure the little people around me know who is boss!