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Introduction As many of you know, it seems like we have been together forever, from a high school crush in 1999 to what you see today. We both attended Lighthouse Christian School together and between our classes and our lunch breaks, something clicked. We knew there was something special between us all along. In December 2002 we officially started dating each other. We thoroughly enjoyed each other's company. In January 2004, our relationship took a turn down a road with many obstacles and trials we never have faced before. From serious illness, moving to different cities, and struggling financially, we found who we really were without each other. During this period of time God shaped us and molded us into what He wanted us to be. He then brought us back together in His time and in His special way. Since then our love has blossomed into what you see today. We have been married now for almost five years and life has been most exciting with our two children: Jayden and Kaylee