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Introduction I named this blog Quilt, Cook and Love because those are three of the things that I enjoy doing and, for me, all blend together. As a little girl, I was loved from the moment I was born and soon after, learned to sew and cook by the side of my maternal grandmother. When I sew and cook for people, I put my whole self into the project and do it because I love the people that I'm creating something for. It's one of the ways that I show my love. Our only child, Stephie, recently graduated from college, so we are truly empty-nesters, and I'm not always sure that I really like the "empty" house, even though I have acquired two beagles and an old cat to keep my husband and me company. I still miss that third set of feet under the dining room table as we sit in the evening eating dinner and catching up with each other. God meant for me to be a mother, and I'm trying very hard to hear what adventure He has for me next. Journey with me as I continue on this new phase of life. I promise to try and write amusing things at times, and maybe even a few thought-provoking things on occasion, too!
Interests Sewing, cooking, reading...ok, ok...playing Angry Birds...