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Industry Arts
Occupation Kicking Ass and Taking Names....and Bacon.
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
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Introduction Servin' No Purpose but to take up space on the internets since 2004!
Interests reading, writing, taking pictures, dancing, minneapolis, cooking, sleeping, chocolate, coffee, loving my husband, dogs, sewing, being creative, live rock shows, the red sox, being silly
Favorite Movies fargo, donnie darko, eternal sunshine for the spotless mind, i heart huckabees, hero, amelie, twin peaks, life aquatic, royal tenenbaums, rushmore, usual suspects, american beauty, seven, monty python & the holy grail, big fish, every tim burton movie, lost in translation, garden state, trainspotting, station agent, sideways, saddest music in the world, touching the void, fahrenheit 9/11, broken flowers, murderball, you and me and everyone we know, brokeback mountain, Sicko, charlie and the chocolate factory, 2046, the big lebowski, and a BAZILLION MORE!
Favorite Music the cure, the faint, depeche mode, the stills, elefant, U2, bauhaus, the information, switchblade symphony, covenant, bjork, the drags, siouxsie, the killers, aberdeen city, she wants revenge, NIN, massive attack, echo and the bunnymen, interpol, cranes, devlins, your mom and the moms.
Favorite Books chuck palahniuk, a.m. homes, nick hornby, political satire, irvine welsch, al franken, pretty much anything you put in front of me...well, except for feminist writings. i can't stand that stuff. *yawn*

Describe the sound of a moist waffle falling onto a hot griddle.