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Introduction I am first and foremost a sinner saved by grace. A disciple of Jesus Christ, I'm Reformed theologically, a recovering Baptist, and a paleoconservative politically. I'm blessed to be the husband of the beautiful and gracious Katherine as well as daddy to Andrew, Joshua, and Jackson. Dow Blog was largely established to survey the collapsing cultural, ecclesiastical, and political scene from the vantage point of one meager, lowly Christian who strives, and often fails, to write with language that is full of grace and seasoned with salt.
Interests Theology, Politics, Economics, Film, The Simpson's
Favorite Movies The Godfather II, The Godfather, The Addiction, Apocalypse Now, Memento, Quiz Show, God's and Generals
Favorite Books The Bible, Knowledge and Decisions, Matthew Henry's commentary, The Road to Serfdom, Man Economy and State, The Politics of Guilt and Pity, Technopoly, Amusing Ourselves to Death, The Messianic Character of American Education