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Introduction Hi, my name is Bagel, and here are 5 things to know about me: 1. Bagel is a name given to me by my sisters, specifically my oldest sister Big Colle when I was really mad at her, and she was trying to make me laugh. It didn't take long before almost everyone in my life began calling me Bagel. 2. While we're on the topic of sisters: I have four of 'em. 2 real sisters and 2 half-sisters. I also have an ex-stepbrother and a soon-to-be stepsister (who is married with a stepson of her own). Translation? I have an American family. And I'm crazy about them. 3. I'm a very liberal law student in a very conservative law school. We go together like oil and water. 4. After 20 years in school, I have yet to hit the real world. Stay tuned, that's coming within the year. 5. Three of my biggest passions: mornings, shoes, and musicals.