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Occupation Mummy/wife
Location New Zealand
Introduction I am at stay at home mum of three who is on a mission to find happiness in being a wife and mum. Baker of yummy treats, lover of music, follower of J.C., Wearer of lots of different fashions, scraper of photo's, knitter of things I love, reader of many,many books.
Interests Baking, scrapbooking, reading, cross stitch, cooking meals, card making, listening to music, playing the piano/guitar/singing, musicals
Favorite Movies Moulin Rouge, the Wizard of Oz
Favorite Music Female piano/vocal music, the glee soundtracks, something with a good beat and sing along tune for the housework, something to dance to with the kids.
Favorite Books I read a wide range of novels, scrapbooking mags, cookbooks, kids/parenting mags and enjoy catching up on people's blogs

Is it possible to be content with your life and know that the only person you are here to please is your maker?