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Occupation Client Service Manager
Location Sacramento, California, United States
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Introduction I'm an eclectic chic living in Sacramento with a goofy hubby, a crazy dog named Whisky and an adorable new kiddo named Leyton.
Interests Blogging, Knitting, Camping, Cooking, Baking, Crafting, Reading...a whole lot of "ings"
Favorite Movies When Harry Met Sally, Amelie, The Goonies, The Ring
Favorite Music Ray Lamontagne, Damien Rice, Rachel Yamagata, The Damnwells
Favorite Books The Giving Tree, Water for Elephants, Twilight, The Time Travelers Wife, She's Come Undone

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

There once was a frog. He was not a very happy frog because he could not get any ladies due to his baldness. So he went out and got himself a wig thinking it would solve all his problems. Little did he know, all frogs are bald. Stupid frog.