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About me

Gender Male
Introduction I originally learned my photographic skills in 1978 whilst serving in the Army (strange what the army teaches young soldiers eh?) I was a regimental photographer in the Royal Engineers and was fortunate enough to see and take pictures from many of the countries around the world in various weather climates, of the tasks that were carried out by the Sapper's of the era. When I left the army I kept up my skills as my hobby which at the time included the developing of colour, black and white or slide 35mm and medium format film and prints in my own darkroom. These days my darkroom is mainly a lot cleaner (certainly less smellier) as its my computer, where over the past years I have mastered the skills of image manipulation required to compete in the modern digital world of which I have gladly engulfed with passion and it has been a few years since the purchase of my first digital SLR.
Interests family, Football, photography, walking, camping, drinking
Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings (all), Harry potter (all), Resident Evil (all)
Favorite Music led zeppelin, David Bowie, Queen, Pink Floyd & Pink above all others, but most music apart from country and western and opera
Favorite Books JRR Tolkien, Harry Potter, Stephen King among many