About me

Location New Zealand
Introduction Follow our family's journey and day-to-day living as we strive to live sustainably, naturally and simply. We aim for a simple life, not a boring life. I write about our family adventures, crafts, discoveries, permaculture gardening, owning chickens, medicinal herbs, harvesting our produce, seasonal celebrations and the wheel of the year, and simple living. Although my children (Nathan, 8, and Danielle, 6) have chosen to go to school, we're still Unschoolers at heart. I'm on my own continuous learning journey by discovering I can draw, learning the ukulele and how to use a djembe drum. My favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring, I'm just a year off 40 and loving the wisdom and confidence that age brings, yet still amazed at how much there is to figure out!
Interests Permaculture gardening, sustainable living, natural products, reading, crafty things, sewing, refashioning, simple living, decluttering, unschooling, natural learning, herbal medicine, seasonal celebrations, wheel of the year, pantheism, paganism, cosy homes, ukulele, djembe drumming, drawing, art.
Favorite Movies Amelie, Chocolat, Monsoon Wedding, Into the Wild
Favorite Music Jack Johnson, Kenny Lovrin, Lenny Kravitz, Jazz, Lounge, Greg Johnson.
Favorite Books Barbara Erskine, The Red Tent, Radical Homemakers, Buddhism for Mothers, Unconditional Parenting, Raising our children; raising ourselves, Healthy Babies and Children, Siblings without Rivalry, Permaculture Home Garden, Healing Wise by Susun Weed, The Alchemist, Clan of the Cave Bear series, Into the Wilderness series.