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Occupation Student
Location Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Introduction I'm Maddie. I attend TCU and I’m a junior Psychology major Writing minor. I’m a native Texan who dreams of white Christmas’ and the bustle of Manhattan nightlife. I like to argue and debate because I feel that’s the only time you have someone’s undivided attention and interest whether that be positive or negative. I write because I articulate better through words than I ever could verbally. I’m self-motivated because I don’t think it’s wise to rely on others or material goals for your own happiness and success. You can’t control people, and material things vanish. Having said that I don’t think people are a lost cause. I majored in Psychology to learn what makes our society function, and learn how to motivate that instinct in people that thrives their drive to accomplish and achieve. I’m a candid individual who loves to see that bottom line. I’d rather be shocked by the truth than soothed by someone sugar-coating me. I’m motivated by the bottom line but I’m not controlled by it, sincerity is something I hold high. I love to laugh in life and never dwell on things that don’t go my way. I prefer to evaluate, improve, and move on.
Interests Laughing, witty banter, not just living live but enjoying it.
Favorite Movies Despicable Me, Out Cold, Love Actually, Prime, It's Complicated, The Women, anything with Ryan Reynolds or Will Farrell, the whole Adam Sandler casting entourage ...I love you.
Favorite Music I'm horrible with music. All I do is listen to the radio and only become familiar with songs that are overplayed and under written. I like alternative rock when I'm feeling anxious and country when I'm feeling sincere. I love christmas music at any time of the year consequently have a crush on Michael Bolton.
Favorite Books If my life were a pie chart reading would take up the biggest chunk, next to binge drinking. (kidding) YET I couldn't tell you my favorite book, genre, author, anything. My favorite thing to do is go into Barnes & Noble, walk through the isles, pick out about 5 books, sit down, and read a chunk out of each. I literally love to READ and my attention span only lasts long enough to find a funny line or cute quote and move onto the next novel.

When was the last time you were rude to another person, looking back was it necessary? Think about that next time.