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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Mom
Location Everytown, USA
Introduction I'm your typical Mom, pretty much consumed with kid stuff. My outlets? Reading, early mornings, baking, gardening, serving.
Interests Everything, everything, everything, I love to learn about anything, but I really love my kids, reading, music, gardening, nature, insects, architecture, history, cooking, baking, food art, fire, traveling, rain, ogres, happy people, flapjacks, quietude, mountains, rocks, details, smoke signals, refrigeration, death traps, impoverished nations, missionary work, sailing, flying, floating, teeth, wood, lightning, meteorites, striped socks, boo-boos, essential oils, nutrition, massage, yoga, shoes, kisses, black holes, revelations, the mind, kindness, elevators, homemade objects of all kinds, aprons, sunshine, clouds and weather patterns, ice, space travel, Good Grief! There's really no end to my interests. I could write this for weeks.
Favorite Movies What's a movie?!, Who has time for that?! I enjoy documentaries a lot, though.
Favorite Music My music tastes reflect my interests in that I could list things I like for weeks. All styles. All. I can say All, because Country doesn't fall under my definition of music. (Sorry, my dear, dear friends, whom I know to love country... but I am nothing if I am not honest, and I feel for your misguided souls.)
Favorite Books Book of Mormon, King James Version of the Bible, Twilight Series, Goose Girl, Count of Monte Cristo, Horton Hears a Who, Pride and Prejudice, The Hiding Place, Children's Books, Lord of the Rings Series, I'll read anything, even technical manuals. I love to read about chemistry, propogation, history, you name it. I could go on like this for weeks.

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