About me

Industry Marketing
Occupation sports marketing and promotions manager
Location Missouri, United States
Introduction I'm 25, originally from Australia but moved to California 4 years ago to finish school. I have a degree in sports management as well as business marketing. I'm a tomboy, growing up with 2 older brothers can do that to a gal. I don't chase Kangaroos, I don't wrestle crocs, I do eat Vegamite, and yes, I do have an accent. Surprise surprise, eh?
Interests movies, American football, rugby, mustangs, cooking, theatre, volleyball, cricket, jazz, blues, rock
Favorite Movies The Big Lebowski, Seven, Fight Club, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Burbs, Moulin Rouge, The Crow, The Notebook (yes I had to have one chick movie sob fest in there)
Favorite Music Jimmy Eat World, Nirvana, Black Eyed Peas, The Gorillaz, Coldplay, Choatic Blond, Mush, anything poppy and from the 80's
Favorite Books She's Come Undone, The DaVinci Code, Invisible Monsters, Fight Club