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Location Houston, Texas, United States
Introduction My interest is in covering music events, as mostly over the air and net. I have a B.A.in music (U of Houston) - emphasis: piano, music history. I hope to seek improved advocacy for those bright people amidst us who face cognitive issues in social and interactive dimensions. In an evermore fragmented media-bombarded world, the best way out is to seek the truth most essential to our lives, then treat what personally may affect us with optimum irreverence and humor. Special credit is due Baylor Ph.D neuroscience student Cai Mingbo for having critically helped jump-star operations a sultry August night of 2009. He is a most gentle advocate and friend; how can I ever repay him? Backup for Mingbo by means of good advice was Tzi-Huei Lai - now Ph D candidate (physics) at Cambridge - a most trusted friend of mine. Concerning how this blog runs, I am open to any good feedback. Thank you for dropping by and for any comments you can make here, even dissenting ones. This site also features coverage of BBC PROMS 2009 - www.bbc.co.uk/proms; coverage of Proms 2010 is forthcoming. dhs@airmail.net. For any reason you may have, feel free to write me at any time.
Interests swimming, hiking, cross-cultural communications, history, politics, social issues.
Favorite Movies L'Avventura, Enfants du paradis, Stepford Wives, Ugetsu, 8 1/2, L'Eclisse, Andrei Roublev, Stalker, Streetcar Named Desire, Mean Streets, Life and Nothing But (Tavernier), Grand Illusion, The Lacemaker