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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Graphic Design Artist & Photographer
Location Sacramento, Kentucky, United States
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Introduction By profession, I am a photographer, a freelance graphic designer and work part time as an independent lia sophia representative. In my daily life, I'm a mommy of a beautiful little sweetheart, a wife to a wonderfully complex guy and the owner of 3 crazy boxers named Moya and Chioni. I'm a Christian and a member of Sacramento Cumberland Presbyterian Church. (If you don't have a home church, it's a wonderful place.) And I started recently started blogging just for fun and as a means of expression to document my artistic and life joureys.
Interests My interests include just about anything & everything artsy. I'm a jane of all trades, master of a few. I enjoy photography, painting, sketching, sculpting, jewelry creation/metalsmithing, poetry, reading & writing. I love to cook deliciously tempting dishes & desserts that I of course hand pick out the calories ; ) My free time is filled with a multitude of business. I love spending time with family, running my own design and photography business and participating in our theater group for Sacramento CP Church.
Favorite Movies In order to name them all I'd spend months here writing. In fact I'd probably have to devote a blog (or a book) to them. But in general, I love dramas, movies based on books that don't ruin them but actually do the author justice, historical films, comedies, and did I mention I am a hopeless romantic??? I also love suspenseful horror & mystery flicks. I'm a fan of documentaries that delve into the lives of artists and I enjoy often the small budget foreign films that actually have substance. If you'd like to discuss further email me. I'm sure I'll later devote a blog or two to this.
Favorite Music My taste in music is almost as varied as that of my taste in movies. I can say that the "I don't enjoy" list would be shorter and more concise. I don't particularly enjoy polka, hispanic music (which both sound similar to me) I don't like r&b all that much... although do like the occasional old school tune from growing up. I don't like new rap one bit. And I don't particularly enjoy music I can't actually hear the words for all the blood-thirsty screaming. Other than that I do enjoy artists that actually write their own tunes. I like creative music, oldies, some pop - if its not "fluff", classical, old rock, and even heavy metal by certain groups. I like music that makes me feel good, that makes me think and that doesn't grind on my nerves. I'm not a huge fan of country but do enjoy classics I grew up with. And yes I love broadway tunes, celtic music, and indeed some opera. I also love to be inspired by the holy spirit through music for God that touches my heart.
Favorite Books I'll attempt a list of top favorites: The Lovely Bones (Alice Seabold), House of Thunder (Dean Koontz), Twilight Series, Harry Potter Series (JK Rowling)