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Occupation cartellingwindows
Location Dayton, Ohio, United States
Introduction Cartellingwindows was designed to disclose, teach, build upon, and discuss the ancient language of the aristocracy and the implications the languages information provides, on a myriad of subjects effecting global politics, history, crime, economics, medicine and much more. Originally started when founder, Marie Chihil, an American woman, born in New York, and settled in Ohio, realized she had been a childhood/adult victim of several on-going crimes, involving human trafficking, arranged marriages, Big Brother Tech, Eugenics, attempted murder, and the possible theft and sale of intellectual ideas, used for a dowry. Modern Slavery, masked in freedoms land, seemed impossible for Americans to understand. Many of the clues where blatantly obvious in the language of crime and government, while the actions and results of the crimes were etched in historical events so grand, abatement could affect the lives of millions. Determined to prevent similar actions from happening to others, and to retrieve her reputation from a “A Beautiful Mind” brainwashing, Mrs. Chihil began the venture to educate the public via the windows on a Chevy van and Public Computers.