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Gender Male
Industry Science
Location Tokyo, Japan
Introduction Ken Mogi, Ph.D. Neuroscientist, writer, and broadcaster. Author of The little book of ikigai (Awakening your ikigai in the U.S.), and The Way of Nagomi (April 2022) Facebook: Twitter: @kenmogi My mission is to solve the so-called mind-brain problem. I would like to understand how our consciousness full of qualia arise from the billions of firing neurons in the brain. I research in Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Tokyo. I also teach at several universities. I write critical essays on the arts and literature. I was the conceptor for the Qualia Movement of Sony Corporation. I stayed in Cambridge, U.K. for two years to do postdoc. I have published ~ 100 books in Japanese, and The Little Book of Ikigai in English, which is to be translated into 29 languages in 31 countries. I sometimes appear on Japanese television. My given name is Kenichiro (meaning "healthy first son"). So I am formally known as "Kenichiro Mogi". "Ken" is an abbreviation.