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Introduction Hello, my name is Troy (a.k.a. troyfromtexas). I'm a traveler, writer and media producer. I think that I am a pretty ordinary person, but I know that I have had extraordinary opportunities in my life. My passions include sports, hiking, fishing, motorcycling, photography and adventure travel. I'm a Native Texan which means that I am honest, gentlemanly, proud, strong willed, entrepreneurial and adventurous. I have been fortunate enough to visit all seven continents and live in and traveled through 60+ countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Some of my favorite places include Chile for its natural beauty, Spain for its old world charm, Singapore for its modernity and Austin, Texas, USA for its warm friendly people. Drop me off anywhere in the world and I will find my way. I'm more comfortable living out of one bag than living in my own house. As long as it is not moving, I'll eat it. I love trying to communicate with someone when we do not share a common language.