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Introduction People often look and the day-to-day mundanity that makes up their own lives and wish that their lives could be as exciting as those of their favorite celebrities, television personalities, movie stars, and cartoon characters. It has long been my belief that, with a few exceptions, those people’s lives are no more exciting than the people who idolize them. They just have better writers. The collection of stories within this blog is my attempt to close the gap. So, why “Paving The Road to Hell”? It has often been said that “the road to Hell [like many roads in the Commonwealth of Virginia] is paved with good intentions”. (It’s actually paved with what is now referred to as “Nutella”, but that doesn’t play as well.) I often have good intentions. The actual outcomes, however, seem mostly to move me closer to eternal damnation. And “Dear Diary:”? I just thought the idea of a 6’4”, 240-lb black --yes, it’s okay to call me “black”. I find the term “African-American” annoying as not all black people are American.-- man that rarely smiles writing in a diary would be funny. Enjoy.