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Location Location: North Central Arkansas, United States
Introduction I started gardening as Dad's little helper when I was 5 or 6 years old. I worked in the same terraced space until moving off to college, and even thereafter when I spent summers in my hometown. When I lived elsewhere during the growing season, I always had at least a small garden, wherever I was. I've been at this location for about a decade, expanding and improving the garden each year. Gardening is my number one hobby. I've published a few articles on it, and done a little speaking about it. I spent my younger years alternating between carpentry and landscaping jobs. Not surprisingly, I also have interests along those lines. I majored in philosophy and minored in interdisciplinary studies. I guess what that amounts to is that I like to read alot, so I have numerous tertiary interests. I welcome comments, questions, and suggestions about gardening, residential building, and just about anything else. Thanks for reading my blog!