About me

Location Georgia, United States
Introduction I am the adopted daughter of an adopted man. Not quite as sexy as being the son of a son of a preacher man, I know, but there you have it. I have two offspring, and despite my initial instinct to leave them on the beach to find their way to the ocean on their own, my husband and I have decided to make a go at raising them. (Who else is gonna fetch the remote?) I am a writer who is currently working on a novel, My Family Screwed Me (it's a working title). If you are a publisher visiting this site, I can totally incorporate cooking with Emerald into that manuscript if it'll help get it into print, or whatever.
Interests Writing, Art, Knitting (Shut up), and anything else that doesn't involve heights/ sharks/ small spaces/ physical exertion or social interaction. Am opposed to fun and adventure in general.
Favorite Movies There's Something About Mary, 40-Year-Old Virgin, Juno, My Best Friend's Wedding (whatever- you know you watch it when no one else is around)
Favorite Books Roots (brilliant), Bitter is the New Black, almost anything Stephen King(say what you want but the man has got one hell of an imagination), Lord of the Rings trilogy, Gone with the Wind (to this day I have refused to read the "sequel")