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Industry Religion
Occupation waster of time
Location 10050 Cielo Drive, The wrong side of the grave, Australia
Introduction Just another slave to the grind with just another irrelevant printzine turned poor - turned blog..
All interviews/ poor design/half assed photography/stolen images can be blamed on yours, truly.
Interests violence, records, collecting records, talking about records, listening to records, writing, doing a half assed printzine, 1980/90's death metal and grindcore, swedish/finnish death metal, italian horror, soundtracks, Horror/gore/occult movies, sleeping through important events, collecting posters/daybills, photography, collecting books, avoiding most things/people, documentaries, oddities, general weird shit, travelling, interrogating bands, fare evasion, hating you
Favorite Movies too much..
Favorite Music Ugly sounds, soundtracks to death and violence.. Lord of Putrefaction, Iron Curtain, Cromags (early), Leonard Cohen, Disembowelment, Grave, Embalmer, Nuclear Death, Gutted Pulp, Meatyard, Torturor, Funebrarum, Sinistrous Diabolus, Carcass, Exulceration, Putrid Offal, Blut Aus Nord, Revenge, Morpheus/Descends, Massacre, Rottrevore, Abhorrence(fin), General Surgery, Repulsion, Phlegm, Sixx, Impetigo, Ulcerous Phlegm, Darkthrone, Eyehategod, Demilich, blah blah blah
Favorite Books too much