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Gender Female
Industry Banking
Occupation Information Center at New frontier Bank
Location Greeley, Colorado, United States
Introduction I'm super! I love alot of things in life, with a few exeptions :) Horribly indecisive at everything. A smarty pants. Possibly one of the most intellegent girls you will ever know.. Showing it sometimes.. totally different. I'm an emotional battlefield. Hopeless romantic. Not a girly girl, but I'm a girl girl. Sweet, and the the worst person to make mad. Always seem to be in complicated relationships. Concited and very insecure. Too grown up for my own good. Afraid of my future. Can't make everyone happy, but I try. Can't help but heart me...
Interests I like alot of thigs, violin, clarinet, pickles, the color green, carebears the good luck one is my favorite, My amigos, roller coasters, my room, BAND!!!
Favorite Movies Mean girls, Napolean Dynamite, it's so stupid it's funny, ya da ya da ya da, i feel like i'm a broken record with all this.
Favorite Music Bands that don't suck.. i have way too many that i like, uh yellow card, jimmy eats world, Lilly allen, I don't care but I used to love nsync.. Poor lance. anyways I think you get the idea..
Favorite Books oohh harry potter and i don't know what else, I recently bought some books and they just so happen to be sittin around, i don't read too much i don't have time, But i do like the news paper and mags. I love cosmo!

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

I would wear cookies! But wait why would you hide? You can eaily eat through the walls and escape.