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Occupation ornithologist/naturalist
Introduction Birds have always captured my imagination and since I could first say the word I wanted to be an ornithologist. My move to Black Sugarloaf in 1988 coincided with the start of the Australian Bird Count (conducted by Birds Australia) and I contributed to the project for its duration. It was a great way to learn about the habitat requirements, habits and vocalisations of the forest birds. As many bird movements are correlated with the flowering and fruiting of plants, becoming familiar with the local flora was also necessary. Putting names to the colourful abundance of fungal species poses a more difficult challenge as so many species in Australia are yet to be scientifically described and named. Every year I add to the list of fungi which now numbers over 200 species. I am involved in various organisations including: treasurer of the Central North Field Naturalists and editor of The Natural News; member of the committee of Birds Tasmania (a regional group of Birds Australia); property assessor for the Land for Wildlife program; and I was on the inaugural committee of Fungimap Inc. I write regularly and contribute photographs for these organisations.
Interests birds, plants, fungi, invertebrates, all things natural