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Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction Julie Impens is a Fine Artist and Jeweller born in France in 1988. Despite her mixed origin, her mother being French and her father being Belgian, she always felt deeply connected to the country where she grew up. She has always been really interested in the history of France and its very unique notion of luxury. Nevertheless, it is only by the time she moved to London that she started, in the contact of other cultures, to realise how important my national identity was to her work. Julie Impens earned her Bachelor Degree of Arts in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins College of Arts in 2010 and is establishing herself as an artist since. She learned the passion of creating artworks combining aesthetics with meanings by interning successfully for Jane McAdam Freud and Kelly McCallum. Her work has been seen worldwide, with exhibitions and press around Asia , Europe and the UK and now recently America. Her latest collection “Escaping time” was designed for a show held at Touchstone Gallery in Washington DC.