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Introduction We as black people have to rise up and make a stand againgst long years of opression. With the election of Barrak Obama we actually have a chance to change ourselves and now we are a truly free nation. With that being said before we make assumtions about the man we must give him a chance. Don't expect him to completly turn this economy around, like my pastor said "You can't elect sombody to do that." Around the world, back to were our ancestors came from there is an injustice happening to our people. This time we can come full force and blame the white man(european) and the Asian man(Chinese diplomat of the U.N.) The only reason why our people are always killin' each other is because besides America, they are the only people in the right spot that have all the reasources to prosper. No rich executive wants to or is going to allow that to happen. Do understand that what I said was not completely based on fact, instead it is very oppinionated so if you get mad at what I said in this column you are wasting your energy because it is my opinion and there's nothing you can do about it. I am an advocate for freedom of speach so eat that (who ever has a probolem with this.)