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Location Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Introduction I'm a shy 26 year old woman and have been crafting for about a year now I would say. I've always loved to craft but never really did anything about it until recently. Now we need to move into a bigger place as my craft supplies are wreaking havoc upon my floors! I'm a very laid back (somewhat lazy) person, and a vegetarian to boot.
Interests Crafting, Playing with my FurBabies, Sports, Movies
Favorite Movies I like horror movies, sci-fi, thrillers and comedies. Not romantic comedies or any of those (although I'll watch it but not by choice!).
Favorite Music I like all kinds of music but mostly classic rock like Zeppeling, the stones, Van Morrison and Pink Floyd.
Favorite Books I mostly read Star Wars novels. Now its mostly craft books and Macleans magazine while on the can!