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Introduction About this blog: My art, my writing (which I have kept to myself). This is all about my world that I've created over the past 8 years. It has Risen and it has Fallen. Where it started, I don't yet know. I've started to bring more of the writing aspect to life. The livejournal I've been hording these thoughts to, well... I guess I wanted to start over and explore what blogspot has to offer right now. I feel it's best to keep them separate, I try to keep things separate now. Focus has been displaced from what I've strived to do. What's that word? Fan Service? Not that I don't mind that, but it wasn't what was originally intended. And being couch bound while this sickness leaves me has left me with not much to do but wander the fields of my mind and try to pull out what's new, arrange to where it is meant to go. Lore is a funny thing. Sometimes it springs from the Phantasms, and at times they change roles. The two must go together, bind, and become the Entites they were meant to be. Like two halves of soul joining. Lore and Phantasm are twin flames.