JouJou Loves You

About me

Gender Female
Industry Arts
Location Paris, Monaco, Dallas
Introduction Starts out with my journey from America to North Africa (Tunis, Tunisia), follows me through wild escapades of learning French, Arabic, country hopping throughout Europe, and sees me back to the United States. Africa does a body good, but the soul even better. Dallas, Paris, and the south of France are where I call home.

"J'ai rêvé de ton baiser. Un baiser qui mord, profond comme la mort. Un lèchement de flamme....c'était laisser un regret et donner un désir."

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Interests Finding the divine, picking the lint out of my bellybutton, picking at your back, and being a FOREIGNER.
Favorite Movies GILDA, Kama Sutra, Scarface, Interview with the Vampire, The Lover, Dracula, Coco Avant Chanel, Henry and June, A Matador's Mistress
Favorite Music Too many to list....
Favorite Books Charles Bukowski, Anaïs Nin, Françoise Sagan, Nizar Qabbani, Hafiz, RUMI, Walt Whitman, Tagore, Henry Miller, Hemingway, 'Pauline Réage', Paulo Coelho and Demian by Herman Hesse.