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Gender Female
Occupation Research Assistant by day/Blogger by night
Location Southeast, United States
Introduction You can see more about me on my ABOUT page ( With regard to the website, A Space Blogessey is primarily about science fiction and fantasy entertainment, namely movies and television. The films and shows I enjoy are typically science fiction or fantasy-based or have some scifi/fantasy elements. However, I review all kinds of movies that strike my fancy. I have a soft-spot for art-house films and intense dramas, even the occasional period piece.

What you won't find on here are comedies and rom-coms (romantic comedies). I just don't do comedies. They don't interest me. Neither do sappy dramas or grotesque horror, but every now and then I surprise myself. I do like a lot of the campy horror films of the 80s. John Carpenter (in the 1980s) was one of my favorite directors. I have a similar taste in television: My favorite shows are of course related to science fiction, fantasy, horror, but I also like spy dramas. I also have an obsession with Law and Order: SVU. This is perhaps the only "mainstream" drama I watch.
Interests Movies, television, writing (of course), singing, baby stuff, genealogy, organizing, and gardening (although I have a brown thumb).
Favorite Movies I enjoy going to the movies with my dad. We typically see what he wants to see, but I've developed an eclectic taste. I like action, science fiction, fantasy, horror, drama, and art-house films.
Favorite Music I listen to all kinds of music. I have a penchant for oldies from the 1950s and 1960s. I also like Classical and especially opera. I took operatic singing lessons for a few years.
Favorite Books Scifi-fantasy, non-fiction, fiction, classic literature