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Gender Male
Industry Advertising
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Introduction I'm half Thai, half English but went to an American international high school and spent 8 years living, studying and working in the US. I think that makes me 100% confused. Having such a rootless existence has made me instinctively more open and understanding of unfamiliar cultures and what they have to offer. I now live in Bangkok, Thailand, and work as a Copywriter at one of Thailand's top agencies.
Interests World music, football, tennis, history, cooking, science fiction and fantasy books, PC gaming, wine, single malt whisky
Favorite Movies Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott are some of my favourite directors and anything starring Audrey Hepburn Also, restored old movies that are now coming out on Blu-ray. Stuff like Gone With The Wind, Metropolis, Godfather and 2001 Space Odyssey are breathtaking in its beauty.
Favorite Music Indie Rock (Built to Spill, The Wedding Present, Swervedriver for example), Electro Pop (Phoenix, Stereolab), Minimalist techno (Trentemoller, Gui Boratto for example), Hip Hop (Wu Tang, Notorious BIG for example), African (Orchestra Baobab, Soul Brothers for example) I just love music from around the world. There are gems to be found everywhere.
Favorite Books Gregory David Roberts, Tibor Fischer, Haruki Murakami, Robert Jordan, Marcel Proust, George MacDonald Fraser to name a few